Friday, December 31, 2010

winter break #3 (gaming)

what has taken up a good chunk of my time these past two weeks? three little discs named final fantasy 13. i've been meaning to beat this game for a few months now (i actually started last april) and now seem liked the perfect time to invest time into it.

people usually give video games a hard time, but RPGs (role playing games) are very similar to books in the sense that you're having a story unravel, but with upgradeable characters. more engaging.

anyway, good game, sad ending, people die. would play again. in ten years.

time for a movie?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

winter break #2 (reading)

so, after watching the third Narnia film, i decided i wanted to read the series over Christmas break. granted, this is not the most stimulating material for a third year social science major to read, i feel like it is a classic and great for light LIGHT reading. besides, who wants to be reading naomi klein's 'the shock doctrine' after taking six classes [ecology anyone?]?

finished the first one a few days ago, hope to finish the second one soon.
i'll probably read these to my kids are something.

anyway, i'm gonna go play some video games...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

winter break #1 (eating)

okay okay, i realize KD is not quickly associated with typical Christmas eating, BUT i haven't been able to stick to my list of not eating garbage.
i just downed a whole box of the stuff (in two sittings. used to have one box all at once).
also, yesterday i made myself a platter of nachos.
they were delicious.

in my defense, it hasn't been all crap. i've been having omelet's in the morning.

anyway, back to eating...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the totem pole of class importance.

so it seems every semester i subconsciously rank my classes in order of most important and interesting to least. over the course of the semester, the rank becomes more and more apparent as time devoted to readings and assignments is alloted. and yes, this semester has definitely been no different.
i have learned a great deal from every one of my classes this semester, so let's take a quick look over at each one and what i'm taking away
so now, in no particular order...

research methods - understanding terms for measures of central tendency, learning about threats to internal validity, analyzing research methodologies... all good things. has to be taught and learned about. i am walking away with a new appreciation for 'stats canada'.

intro to soc -intro classes are always a bit on the boring side. while they're great when trying to understand the discipline as a whole, they're lame in the sense that you do not get to dive deeper into each topic, but only skim the surface. soc was good; read an interesting and thought-stimulating book, read a few good articles... would take again.

ecology, technology, and culture - now this course, i'll be honest with you, i took mainly because i needed a science credit. BUT! i also wanted to be challenged and i wanted to learn new things on a topic i knew little about. i could have taken the easy way out and registered for computer usage, but i did the hard thing and took a course i knew little on. anyway, i learned a lot about nature and humankind's relationship with it. my definition for nature had been broadened and my scope of understanding to the outside world has been widened [did you notice that i just said the same thing twice?]. hard class, lots of reading, but overall worth the time.

self and society - i am walking away with a lot from this class. i find that most of my sociology class i end up walking away feeling more aware of the world and, in this case, my self. it would be hard to for me to sum up everything i learned for this course, but i think what i am taking away is a better understanding of the formation of the self and how that impacts personal development. i'll probably be reviewing my notes for months to come.

worldview studies - i have always been fascinating with belief systems. looking to history, we can see how what a person believes to be true can cause such division among people and destruction of property. looking objectively at my own tradition has been something that i have had to do in a number of my courses now, and this one has been no different. this class has been great in helping me understand the worldviews around me and look at them with a critical eye. i definitely walk away with a great respect and understanding for other belief systems.

men, women, and society - no course has challenged me or left a lasting impression on me in my whole time at Prov than this course right here. i'll write more on it later, but this course has taught me a lot regarding the use and abuse of gender in the past, in the workplace, in advertising, and in Christianity. i have a greater understanding of sexuality, reasoning behind using gender inclusive language [take note to my use of 'humankind'?], and the radical man Jesus Christ really was. if any class has shaped my view of life, this class has definitely been the one. i have publicly recommended it on numerous occasions and will probably continue to do so.

so i said these came in no particular order. that was a lie.
i love Providence and i love learning. i'm sad this is my last year, because there are so many more classes that i want to take!

feel free to talk about this with me, i love talking about what i'm learning. haha i think my one regret is not hanging out with anyone in my major...
anyway, on that note.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

one month bucket list?

goals for december:
1. do not eat garbage (food)
2. push-ups in the morning
3. read Narnia series.
4. clean up around house
5. do not get a head injury

the last saturday.

yesterday i woke up unusually late (1030) with the sun shining on my face. it was actually kind of annoying, but because it is such a rare occurrence it was actually kind of nice. nature's way of getting me up, i guess.
spending the morning and earlier afternoon taking down the christmas banquet, spending the afternoon actually studying for an exam, and spending the evening watching the new Narnia film.

best way to spend my final weekend here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

stranger in a strange land pt 2

yesterday, i spent the day in north dakota with sarah and hayley. we woke up before 7am, were on the road by around 730 and drove for a few hours south. our goal: find new (and hopefully cheap!) formal attire for the winter formal.
something i like to do when i go to the states is do things that are un-canadian, so with that in mind...

our first stop was in grand forks (population 51,216), where we had breakfast at denny's (just like in the commercials!). the food was good enough, but it was freezing. everyone was wearing their jackets. not impressed grand forks...
after breakfast, we left for target, which is basically like wal-mart, except less evil. i bought new socks.

after that, we left for fargo (population 95, 551), which is actually also somehow apart of minnesota. anyway, they had better shopping and indoor heating, which was a major plus. picked up a pokemon tshirt, some new plugs, and more socks.
after checking out another, smaller (lamer) mall, we left.
lesson learned: bring someone who knows the city and can show you around. it will save you on gas.

back in grand forks we had supper at place called 'space aliens', which is basically a chuckie cheeze that serves alcohol.

back at the border, i told customs i spent $40. which, okay, is a bit of stretch of the truth, but i'm not really down with paying more. i'm sorry workers of canada.
we arrived back at prov around 10pm.

so, all-in-all, day trips are fun, but staying the night is probably the thing to do. except not so much in fargo.

anyway, pce.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

social life committee.

steve, james, aylicia, kel, jon, lesley, spencer

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


last night i had a dream i was flying in a car with christine.

Monday, November 29, 2010

i'll be home for christmas.

in under 3 weeks.

also, i have a semester's worth of thoughts.
more hopefully to come soon.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

daily meal plan.

omelet (peppers, onions, mushrooms, bacon, cheese)
instant oatmeal (plain), with a packet of brown sugar
chocolate milk
some days: grapes, strawberry yogurt, muslix in a bowl

wholewheat wrap (turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, red onions, thin strip of mayo)
instant oatmeal (same deal as bf)
cranberry juice

is time to indulge!!

around 9pm: protein shake

Friday, October 15, 2010

stranger in a strange land

i went to the states for the first time in... ten years? eight years? this past month. wow, what an experience.
my friend graeme and i had a few observations once we crossed the border (wow, by the way! those guys...). first off... nice roads! when people critique winnipeg roads, i'll now know better than to stick up for them. second, road kill ALL over the place. does no one clean it up? maybe canada is just better at that. i don't know. third, the speed limit is like, 35km. felt like we were crawling all the way to bemidji.

during our stay, we went to an american football game, purchased some drinks measured in 'oz', and took note to all the new last names. also, being "from Canada" was kind of excited. i've never really felt like a minority (well, there was that time i went to a black club), so that was i felt a bit alienated for sure. also, thoughts like "what if something happens to me? what happens then?"

i gotta say, i have a lot more respect for all of Prov's international students. all the koreans, chinese, indians, and all others who is able to do that for eight months out of the year.

also, can't wait to go back. and travel beyond.

Monday, September 27, 2010

final class list

i am now enrolled in the four-year 'social science advanced' program, my classes for this semester are:

men, women, & society (sociology)
self & society: social psychology (soc)
intro to soc (soc)
research methods (soc)
ecology, technology, and culture (anthropology and science)
world views studies (philosophy)

my first assignment is due next week, it's on my garbage. guess which class that one's for?


Saturday, September 25, 2010


pfft. that's so last year.

so, summer is over. i'm done with camp and have started school once more. this year, i'm apart of a team known as STUCO (student council!). here is the team:

president: garret - theology
vice-president of student life: stacy - business
vice-president of administration: jill - theatre
athletics representative: elise - TESOL
commuter representative: tom - ?
communications representative: kyla - communications and media
missions representative: jana - ?
international representative: jessie - business
social awareness representative: caleb - ?
spiritual life representative: marc - youth leadership
social life representative: ME! - social science/TESOL

we're a good team, definitely looking forward to this year.

what do i do? basically bring the fun to the students... i have my own committee and we put on different events during the semester. my first event is tomorrow night, it's a coffee house, which is basically different students showcasing their talents for the school.

anyway... sleep time


Monday, September 6, 2010

24 rotations around the sun

yep, today marks the 5,982nd day i've been on planet earth.

notable events to happen on this day:

972 - pope john xiii dies
1522 - the first ship to sail around the world returns to Spain
1620 - the pilgrims leave on the mayflower
1870 - the first woman votes in the US
1901- US president william mckinley is shot, but does not die until the 14th
1939 - south africa declares war on germany
1943 - roger waters, lead singer of pink floyd is born
1966 - the south african man who instituted apartheid is murdered
1986 - in istanbul, 22 Muslims are killed by terrorists; i am born
1997 - princess diana's funeral is watched by millions and millions (i never read those!) tells me that i probably should be planning a party or something. weirrrd.

anyway, it's gonna be a good day


Thursday, September 2, 2010

leadership week

my final year of college has begun. i'm sitting in my own room (no roommate!) right now, enjoying the last few days of 'leadership week'. this year i am on student council, so i'm here with all the RA's (resident assistants) and IA's (international assistants) learning what our function is at Prov this year.

for the most part, i know most people on all three teams and i think this is shaping up to be a pretty sweet year!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


the ferry brought me to a little (not really) town called nanaimo. i'm kinda wanting to a try a nanaimo bar here, just for the experience, but i don't think that's going to happen.

tomorrow i'm trying the Bagel B.E.L.T. at exotic tim hortons... so that's kinda the same thing.

accepting gifts

i'm sitting here in BC, experiencing the amazing and beautiful West coast for my first time. i have strolled through forests filled with ancient trees, i have watched dolphins swim and dive, and i can see the mountains from where i shower. i have walked through massive shopping centres, ate on a strip where celebrities usually frequent, and watched a concert merely feet away from the entertainer, beating 20,000 other people to the spot. definitely a ridiculously sweet way to top off my already amazing summer.

now, on my current income, there is absolutely no way that i would be able to pay for any of this on my own. i was invited to come here through a friend who has better connections than i do (sounds like mafia connections, but no, it's legit!). from airfare to the concert, most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience was given to me.

i was pretty hesitant to accept what was offered to me, with things like this you always have to wonder what sort of strings might be attached. and yes, i did consider saying no and heading back to my familiar corner of NW Ontario for my week off and saving myself from whatever i might be getting into. but you know what, i decided that there are decent people in the world that do good things 'just because', and so far, that's exactly what it has been.
i've been welcomed into a very hospitable home; people who go the extra mile to make someone feel relaxed and welcome. and really, it's inspiring to meet people who share what they have without hesitation.

yes, right now i'm still the poor college student/camp counselor who doesn't have the highest paying job. but you know, someday soon these days are going to be over and i'll be able give back what so many people have given to me. from rides to unreachable locations, nights in places that would have cost numbers in the three digits, and food the filled a very hungry stomach. gifts like those, definitely priceless. and someday, that will definitely be me who will be able to give such things.

hm, okay. this is starting to get a bit cheesy.

i missed a ferry to see my friend in Nanaimo (sp?), but i only have to wait 30 more minutes now.

hope you're enjoying the tail-end of your summer!


PS i'm sitting in front of the Pacific and surrounded by mountains. crazy.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

venturing out of the commune

i went to the city yesterday, the first time in who knows how long. it's always an interesting experience to get back to the "real world" and find out what's been going on out there. living apart from the major sources of information can be nice; taking a break from all the news... from subway bombs to celebrity deaths. really, it's just good to be away from all that and live in your own little bubble for a while.

anyway, so this trip back to the city. after living with pretty decent people for the past... four-ish months or so, one would get used to being around fairly well-behaved people. so, it definitely was somewhat of a shock to the system when asking for directions, one man who reeked of cigarette gruffly answered he couldn't help and another family replied they didn't know while their daughter asked them to order an alcoholic beverage.

oh yes, at that moment i knew what it was like to stand in a Hutterite's shoes.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


third month of camp comes to an end.
after eight weeks of spring staff and four weeks of regular camp, only three weeks remain for my summer job. definitely has been (and still is) a growing experience; i had no idea being in leadership was going to be this demanding of a job. of course, i would redo this whole experience in a heartbeat.
still, i'm sad that one of my favourite months is coming to an end. although this has not been a typical july for me, it was still great on account of the amazing weather and the great company.

i think i'm going to enjoy the second half of the year. with my new position on nutimik leadership coming to a close, i'm heading into my last year of providence college and i have a girlfriend that i'm excited to spend time with in the fall.

anyway, a more in depth blog about my summer to follow (i meant to keep up with it more, but with the busyness of life, i just wasn't motivated during my downtime!)

anyway, hope you enjoy your long weekend

- me

Sunday, June 20, 2010

electronic memories

i'm a bit of a pack rat. i like to keep photos people give me, birthday cards, notes, things like that... so it would be safe to assume that i don't delete a single personalized email. every now and then, i enjoy reading over them to see what people had to say to me.
so yes, i am one for sentiment...

anyway, i just found an email sent to myself [eerie, i know] with a lot of old things i wrote. so, i wanted to share this monologue i wrote for grade 11 drama class....

The Hereafter

Hi, My name is Sean.

I bet you’re wondering how I got here…

Heh, I might as well tell you my story,

We’re not going anywhere anytime soon…

Well, I should properly introduce myself,

Like I already said, my name is Sean,

I’m 16, I’m in grade 11, I go to Sunny Valley High School,

I get good grades, I’m on the school volleyball team.

Ha, volleyball.

In my school, if you’re on the team, that means instant popularity.

I have the girl, I have the friends… the right friends.

I go to the parties. The parties…

So I should be happy, shouldn’t I?

Well, if you haven’t picked up yet,

I’m not.

Which is why I’m here, really.

Are you cold? I’m cold.

I’ve been cold for a while now.

Anyway, you want to know why I’m here.

It happened a few nights ago,

We were all at Bobby’s place,

Well his parents have a cottage, and we were using it,

He had this huge party, everyone came.

People were drinking, it was getting pretty crazy.

It was getting out of control, but that’s not what this story is about,

Every party is like that.

I was talking on the deck was Kim,

She was talking about her week,

We weren’t really paying attention to what was going on inside.

But suddenly, it got really quiet inside,

Then there were these loud shots, and Kim and I both flinched

She ran inside, there was another loud bang and she screamed.

I ran inside and I saw her lying on the floor.

Then I saw him,

It was this guy Gary from school.

He was one of those kids who no one talked to,

People didn’t make fun of him, they just flat out ignored him.

Which is probably worse…

There were tears in his eyes, he looked at me.

I couldn’t hold his gaze, I looked away.

Kim was on the floor, she was trembling.

I looked at Gary again,

He was holding something in his right hand.

He raised it and pointed it at me,

I think he said something, I’m not too sure.

In the few seconds I had left,

I realized what was coming.

He pulled the trigger.

Death is a strange event,

Everyone knows they are going to die someday,

They just don’t know how, or when.

But we know its coming…

They say that going to a funeral can really help you put your life in perspective,

But when you’re the one what actually died? That’s the kicker!

You can look back on your life, and pin point exactly where you went wrong,

All that crap I wasted my time on,

Computers, tv, videogames,

That’s the stuff that can really suck your life away,

Not just death.

So many things I want to change, so many things I wish I cold just erase just erase.

Like that Gary kid,

You know, if someone reached out to him,

If I reached out to him, I could still be alive,

Kim wouldn’t be in a coma right now,

But… now I’m here… waiting.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

sleepy time

i don't know what it is about going to bed, but almost every night my thoughts run wild before sleep. i go over the days events, my thoughts on what happened, funny things people said, etc. not to say i'm all OCD and over analyzing everything, my mind just seems to function best at night. it definitely makes for annoying mornings.
yeah, three weeks and all i got is a blog about falling asleep. something with more substance will hopefully come soon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


about six years ago, i was sitting in my high school's library [DMCI] reading a MAD magazine, the issue was lampooning a tv show that had just started out. the premise was described as a group of people surviving a plane crash on a deserted island, while also encountering polar bears, smoke monsters, and another faction on the island known as "the others". immediately i fell in love.

unfortunately, i had already missed most of the first season, and because the internet wasn't what it is today, i was unable to catch up. i would frequently check the dvd section of different stores to see if this "lost" tv show had finally been released, but i would have to wait about six or seven months before it was. the day i saw it sitting in wal-mart [don't shop there], i picked it up and watched it within a week. i would have to wait another year to watch season two. by this point, i was able to start watching season three week by week.
i watched the season three finale with a group of friends who had never watched an episode previously. all three were hooked by the end of the two hour long finale.

tonight, i watched the series finale with one of those friends. it was definitely a bittersweet experience to watch the last episode, in the sense that it was good to know that the producers had a definite ending planned, but knowing that nothing new would ever be made with the same writers and actors.

so, as annoying as most of the characters had become, as frustrating as the constant lack of answers and the raising of new questions was, as unrealistic as the dialogue was between characters, as familiar as the score would become between scenes... i somehow look past all that and have become captivated by the multi-layered characters, the interweaving storylines, the mystery of the unknown, the philosophical references...
i have really appreciated two themes that have been cropped up in the series: the idea that every person has a purpose in life and importance of the people around you. very inspiring.

overall, i would say Lost is a worthy investment of one's time. as i've pointed out, it is not without it's imperfections, but it is a well-crafted, original piece of work that dips into a wide variety of genres. if ever you find yourself wanting to escape into something deep, check out LOST and tell me what you think.


Friday, May 21, 2010

"she looks like a deer caught in the headlights!"

that's what a friend said about a girl this year.

and now i understand the metaphor. the motivational speaker, the the teacher, and myself hit a deer last night!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

running water

something we have not had for the past 24 hours.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

for the past 2 weeks

i have been living in a house with five other single young adults; a textile science major, a kinesiology major, an education major, an agriculture major, a social science major, and a... traveling motivational speaker...

sounds like the premise of an MTV reality tv program.

what are we doing? we're putting together a summer program for a kids camp. some of us are hiring staff, scheduling, and networking, others are processing applications, one us is maintaining the site, while others are preparing the outdoor gear for the wilderness program.

we've has some pretty crazy experience so far, and i'm sure a lot more will come in the next 3.5 months.
so be sure to tune in to see (read) what happens!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

commercialize this!

went shopping for a new bible today.
felt like i was looking at a magazine rack.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

talk, not talk

so about a month ago, i tried something different. i wanted to go a whole week without talking about someone behind their back [in the sense that i didn't want to partake in any conversation about someone while they're not there. i would still ask where someone was, etc.][silly to clarify that, i know, but someone asked how far i would go with it].

i've come to realize how often people rely on this type of conversation, and as interesting as it can be, i've started to appreciate it less and less. i've heard my name being mentioned in someone's room the other day, which was weird because they could be talking about anything, good or bad, but it's still pretty uncomfortable. also, i know countless groups of friends that have been splintered on account of this. so about my week...

i first noticed that this type of conversation came up in a few forms: there was 1) anecdotal stories, which was just a funny observation someone had noted about another person, which came off as more of harmless banter. then there was 2) "mother hen circles", where a group of three to five people gathered and skipped through topics of people who weren't in the room. finally there was 3) malicious conversation, where the intent was to defame the individual who was not present.

so what is there to do if you do not want to partake? not inviting this type of conversation by brushing off comments about other people by stating something positive and changing topics is probably the best option.
sure, we all like to blow off steam and vent every once in a while. just make sure it's not always at some other persons expense in front of a large group.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the long semester.

36 papers, 24 assignments, 10 quiz's, 4 presentations, 3 exams, 2 committees [missio dei 2010!], 1 major production, from 7 classes/21 credit hours.

81 credit hours in total, 9 more to get my degree.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


i will be on this show someday. just you wait and see.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

awkward friend time!

okay, we've all been there, being that one new person in the group of good friends. not really knowing how much to contribute to the conversation: say to much, you come off as overbearing and trying too hard or say to little and be potentially be perceived as shy and weird.
the peak of these situations would be being stuck in a car with no radio on, leaving you only to chuckle at the jokes of the present company.

due to moving around a lot, starting at new schools, and working at an assortment of places, i have been at the short end of the stick in this situation many a time, so i definitely have a sensitivity when i know someone is feeling a bit weird. BUT when on the other (and preferred) end of the stick, i often find it to be no easier. you acknowledge, you inquire, you set a comfortable atmosphere... and people be awkward anyway.
sometimes this just seems like a lose-lose situation.

i think, what it really comes down to, is a personality issue. some people just have problems with adjusting to new situations and adapting to a different environment. we just need to little patience and kindness, followed with the right amount of persistence.

but really, nothing beats a good time hanging out with friends you love.


Monday, March 15, 2010

hot, sweaty wreck

back when i lived in downtown winnipeg, i used to go the Y almost everyday.
now, i think that regularly frequenting a gym is just a wise life choice, no matter what type of physique you have. of course, you'd have your Cristiano Ronaldo and Venus William type people who are there, but then you'd have your John Candy and Rosanne Barr type people who are up in the gym, doing there things. what i love about all this was, you'd have every type of person giving it there all, trying to attain the same goal. it was actually very inspiring for me to see Ronaldo and Barr givin 'er on the treadmill, not caring what the other was thinking.
so, for me, you can definitely expect me to the hottest, sweatiest guy getting off the treadmill.

i don't go to the gym to look good, i go to the gym with aspirations for a better body and better health. so should you!

Monday, March 8, 2010

say what i mean, mean what i say

"People can tame all kinds of animals and birds and reptiles and fish, but no one can tame the tongue. It is an uncontrollable evil, full of deadly poison."

when it comes down to it, i think one of the most important, and arguably one of the hardest, characteristics to acquire is the one of 'honesty'. now, i know this idea is always played up as some kind of virtue and people look to it when they need a certain answer from someone, but i really think this concept should spill into other facets of daily life.
here's a story a friend recently shared:

gretel "what do you think of this shirt and skirt?"
hansel "'s ...nice" :D
gretel "is that what you really think? you were just going to let me walk out in this ugly combination?"
hansel "i'm sorry! i didn't know what to say!"

okay, maybe not the best example, but "gretel" [not real name] was testing to see if "hansel" [also not real name] would comment on the ugly clothing selection. yes, maybe it was a form of entrapment, but at some point we all want to see if the friends we have will be honest with us, even in a controlled situation.

silly clothing situations aside, i want to be someone who is honest with his friends, and be surrounded with people who value honesty. being told when i'm doing or saying something stupid is huge for self-betterment, and not knowing when i'm in the wrong is just detrimental to living in general. if your goal is to be artificial and/or attractive, it probably should be high on your list of attributes not to pick up.

don't be the yes-friend that says only what people want to hear, say what needs to be said.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

silver lining?

my philosophy course, which is 50% assignments and 50% exams, might be dropping the two exams... which will take a significant amount of pressure off of the course and potentially increase my final mark. the course will then be made up of 12 assignments.
homework for this week:
summarize Deuteronomy
read a sociology book and write a paper on it
lead a class discussion on cosmology
precis an article on the Pentateuch
critical thinking exam [maybe]

hell month is almost over...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


seven classes and two committees have indeed caught up to me.
let feb '10 forever be known as hell month for kel sherman. between all my readings assignments, quizzes, and presentations, i've also had to help bring 'missio dei 2010' together [last week] and run the floor for 'the diary of anne frank' [which will take hours and hours of this week away].

you know, if i didn't switch majors, i coulda been in five classes. but no, i had to decide a TESOL degree wouldn't be worth it, and that Social Science would be. definitely will be in the long run, but if i want to be done by the end of this year, seven classes it is...

anyway, i just finished summarizing Leviticus and Numbers, now I have to go mull over Romans, precis an article, and prepare my discussion for monday... but not before watching Anne Frank sit in an annex seven times this week, and rearranging chairs to accommodate as many people as possible for watching it with me.

hope you're having fun with whatever you're doing. whoever you are.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

from bangladesh, with love

i really meant to write about this sooner, but it's been a fairly busy month so far.
last week was this two day event here called Missio Dei, and it was actually quite life changing for me.
i sat in on some lectures on labour in third world countries and how giants like American Eagle and Wal-Mart exploit workers, children in particular, to maximize their companies profits. now, i've heard of sweat shops before, but i haven't really given it a lot of thought. like okay, i knew some kid in vietnam might have sewn my shoes together or something, but it was really quite surprising what sort of conditions they are forced to work in. 12+ hour work days without washroom breaks, for example.
so i get back to my dorm room and look over my clothes and i see that tshirt made in the dominican republic, jogging pants made in vietnam, underwear made in macau, a sweater made in pakistan, and another tshirt made in Mexico with a US component [whatever that means], everything else is seems to be made in china. NOTHING assembled in Canada.
the only company i can think of that produces clothes in canada is ROOTS. and i don't like any of their clothes. [edit: not true, thank you Lynele]
so, the point of all this is, i'm going to look into buying clothes from retailers that don't promote cheap labour. and no, that doesn't mean i'm burning all the clothes i have already bought. no, that doesn't mean i'm going to be raiding thrift stores from here on out [buying second hand clothes made in the same countries doesn't change the principle behind it]. and no, i won't hate people who continue to buy at these places [but i will inform them].
sidenote: i believe the chinese do have better working conditions than other countries, but that's not factual. yet. i'll get back to you with my findings.
anyway, hope i gave you some things to think about.

so just a final thought: think about where you buy your clothes.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ultimate christian trivia fail

okay, so here i am, doing my homework for 'the pentateuch', which involves summarizing each chapter of the book of Genesis in one sentence. as some of you may or may not know, jacob has a lot of sons. one in particular is named Gad.
aaanyway, i started reading chapter thirty-five, which goes something like "God said to joseph..."
and i was like "God? who's God?"

in my defense, it's 12:13 and i've had a pretty busy day.

hope i made you smile. or at laugh at my stupidity. either or.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

3rd year of prov...

my third year of college starts tomorrow
yep, my third. i'm not halfway through my second or third year, but starting my third.
because i started halfway through the school year in 07/08, my true year starts in second semester.

sooo, looking over the past two years of school; living in a dorm with nearly a hundred other guys, putting off homework until the 11th hour, being stranded in Nowhere, MB for weeks on end... all part of my Providence College experience. such a unique circumstance, the closest thing i can compare it to is working at a summer camp. living in such close quarters with people for a long duration of time... which can lead to some crazy situations, both good and bad. like working at summer camps, you can walk away with life long friends, and believe i definitely have.
there have been points throughout the past two years where i have thought about quiting. living in the city has always been the more attractive alternative. the UOM and the UOW would have suited me quite nicely, but leaving without have nothing to show for it has always brought me back to prov. plus, finishing what you start is also really important in life.

this upcoming semester, i want to focus on school a lot more; getting the most of my education while i can. although graduating from prov [next year ;)] is not even close to the end of Academia Road for me, it will definitely be a huge personal accomplishment. finishing strong and feeling good about how i got there is for sure something that has been on my mind over this past winter break. so much to do, so little time left.
i know this sounds 'new years resolution-y', but i don't intend it too. think of it more as part of the maturing process...

well, i'm excited to start round three of providence college, and to see where that leads.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

new years '10

now, i hate to start off my blog with something that is so typical... but! i feel it must be done.

sooo, it's the start of a new year, which means it's that time of year where people look ahead to the future and make plans of self-betterment. yes. 'new years resolutions'. [that's right, the lazy man's dictionary] defines resolution as:
the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.
now, we have everyone's tired, old lists that include acts such as frequenting the gym more, preparing a healthier diet, forming actual study habits, keeping your chin up and so forth. of course, these are all things worthy of revamping into good habits and the idea of changing them should be entertained... but let's be honest, if you were not hitting the gym, cutting trans-fat, picking up a book, and looking to the brighter side last month, chances are the acts you resolve to do will more than likely fizzle out mid-february [at best].
so my theory of true self-betterment is that if you actually want to be more productive with your time or whatever, is to not depend on a new year to bring a change to your schedule, but to integrate all these 'things' [whatever your resolutions may be] in a realistic way that works with your life, so they don't fade out.
if you're in school full time and working, going to the gym four times a week probably won't happen. if your working at McDonald's to pay off your car, not taking advantage of the 50% off on food would be ridiculous. you get the picture.

so! knowing all this. here are my new year's resolutions ;)
1) hit the gym more
2) eat less crappy food
3) have a higher interest in my classes
4) maintain a better attitude

get back to me mid-feb and see where i'm at.

later dayzzz