Saturday, September 25, 2010


pfft. that's so last year.

so, summer is over. i'm done with camp and have started school once more. this year, i'm apart of a team known as STUCO (student council!). here is the team:

president: garret - theology
vice-president of student life: stacy - business
vice-president of administration: jill - theatre
athletics representative: elise - TESOL
commuter representative: tom - ?
communications representative: kyla - communications and media
missions representative: jana - ?
international representative: jessie - business
social awareness representative: caleb - ?
spiritual life representative: marc - youth leadership
social life representative: ME! - social science/TESOL

we're a good team, definitely looking forward to this year.

what do i do? basically bring the fun to the students... i have my own committee and we put on different events during the semester. my first event is tomorrow night, it's a coffee house, which is basically different students showcasing their talents for the school.

anyway... sleep time


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