Friday, December 16, 2011

fast times at Prov College

this morning, i finished the last exam of my first semester at UOM. after closing off my 8th semester overall, i have to say that i have never stayed the whole three hour period at write an exam... until today.
so i started thinking of how many classes and exams i did take... so let's take a look:

Semester 1:
Intro to Psych II 3
Intro to Soc II 3
Intro to Bible II 3
Marriage + Family 2
Mission Issues 2

Semester 2:
Psych I 3
Intro to Bible I 3
Intro to College 2
Applied Linguistics 2
Pracitum I 0?
Second Language Aquisition 1?

Semester 3:
Applied Linguists II 2
Materials and Methodology 1?
Practicum II 0?
Special Topics in Psychology: Addiction 0?
Anthropology II 2
Speaking in Public

Semester 4:
Acting I 1
Theories of Personality 3
Christian Spirituality I: Formation 0
Romans 2?
Ethics [vw]
Archeology + The Bible [vw]

Semeser 5:
Critical Thinking 2*
The Pentateuch 0
BTS Research Methods 0
Abnormal Psychology 3
Sociology of Religion 2
Stagecraft + Production 0
Social Science + Christianity 0

Semester 6:
Men Women + Society 2
Ecology, Technology + Culture 2
Worldview Studies 2
Research Methods 3
Self + Society
Intro to Soc I

Winter Break Module: Intro to Computer Usage I 0

Semester 7:
Contemporary Youth Issues 2
Hebrew Prophets 0
Philosophy of Religion 2
Qualitative Research Methods 0
Adolescent Development 3
20th + 21st Century Literature 2

from this list, i count 59... i'm working mostly from memory here, but i'm fairly confident it is accurate (also leaving out the exams i wrote this semester).
not to say all of these classes are easy, but the exam that i wrote today (Human Behaviour) looks at 10 different perspectives/approaches/theories in understanding how humanity operates and how to work with them... and writing six long essays takes a very, very long time.

8th semester fin.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


well, a lot of time has past since my last entry. this is really on account of my computer frying in my cabin this summer and having a job that is constantly on the go. still, i would like to get this blog going again, filled with random insight from my life experience.

also, i will explain the lack of caps (minus the last two blogs) and why i will make the switch to using them (which was the plan. six months ago...).

mucho lovo.