Monday, February 28, 2011

sunday lunch.

this past sunday i was reminded of what a Christian family should be like.

after attending a service in Niverville, i was invited to an older couples house with a friend of mine (the seem to have "adopted" him into their family). apparently it is tradition that the whole family comes over after the service and they are free to invite anyone for the meal. there were four generations in the house: the grandparents, their kids, their kids, and their kids. the couple have been living in Niverville since 1932. wowza.

it was just a nice experience of meeting new people and having great food. for the poor college student who makes himself meals, this was definitely a treat.

what i was getting at earlier. i really admire this family for focusing outward and opening up their house to people within their sphere of influence. it is not everyday you meet people who are willing to feed a total stranger and send them away with a plate full of leftovers.
i think that the Christian, as a follow of Christ, has a responsibility to love everyone around them; people beyond their family.

if we really want to have an impact on the world, why focus inward on yourself and just those in your immediate family?

gah, i cannot until i can stop playing the poor college student...