Monday, September 27, 2010

final class list

i am now enrolled in the four-year 'social science advanced' program, my classes for this semester are:

men, women, & society (sociology)
self & society: social psychology (soc)
intro to soc (soc)
research methods (soc)
ecology, technology, and culture (anthropology and science)
world views studies (philosophy)

my first assignment is due next week, it's on my garbage. guess which class that one's for?


Saturday, September 25, 2010


pfft. that's so last year.

so, summer is over. i'm done with camp and have started school once more. this year, i'm apart of a team known as STUCO (student council!). here is the team:

president: garret - theology
vice-president of student life: stacy - business
vice-president of administration: jill - theatre
athletics representative: elise - TESOL
commuter representative: tom - ?
communications representative: kyla - communications and media
missions representative: jana - ?
international representative: jessie - business
social awareness representative: caleb - ?
spiritual life representative: marc - youth leadership
social life representative: ME! - social science/TESOL

we're a good team, definitely looking forward to this year.

what do i do? basically bring the fun to the students... i have my own committee and we put on different events during the semester. my first event is tomorrow night, it's a coffee house, which is basically different students showcasing their talents for the school.

anyway... sleep time


Monday, September 6, 2010

24 rotations around the sun

yep, today marks the 5,982nd day i've been on planet earth.

notable events to happen on this day:

972 - pope john xiii dies
1522 - the first ship to sail around the world returns to Spain
1620 - the pilgrims leave on the mayflower
1870 - the first woman votes in the US
1901- US president william mckinley is shot, but does not die until the 14th
1939 - south africa declares war on germany
1943 - roger waters, lead singer of pink floyd is born
1966 - the south african man who instituted apartheid is murdered
1986 - in istanbul, 22 Muslims are killed by terrorists; i am born
1997 - princess diana's funeral is watched by millions and millions (i never read those!) tells me that i probably should be planning a party or something. weirrrd.

anyway, it's gonna be a good day


Thursday, September 2, 2010

leadership week

my final year of college has begun. i'm sitting in my own room (no roommate!) right now, enjoying the last few days of 'leadership week'. this year i am on student council, so i'm here with all the RA's (resident assistants) and IA's (international assistants) learning what our function is at Prov this year.

for the most part, i know most people on all three teams and i think this is shaping up to be a pretty sweet year!