Monday, September 6, 2010

24 rotations around the sun

yep, today marks the 5,982nd day i've been on planet earth.

notable events to happen on this day:

972 - pope john xiii dies
1522 - the first ship to sail around the world returns to Spain
1620 - the pilgrims leave on the mayflower
1870 - the first woman votes in the US
1901- US president william mckinley is shot, but does not die until the 14th
1939 - south africa declares war on germany
1943 - roger waters, lead singer of pink floyd is born
1966 - the south african man who instituted apartheid is murdered
1986 - in istanbul, 22 Muslims are killed by terrorists; i am born
1997 - princess diana's funeral is watched by millions and millions (i never read those!) tells me that i probably should be planning a party or something. weirrrd.

anyway, it's gonna be a good day


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