Sunday, December 5, 2010

stranger in a strange land pt 2

yesterday, i spent the day in north dakota with sarah and hayley. we woke up before 7am, were on the road by around 730 and drove for a few hours south. our goal: find new (and hopefully cheap!) formal attire for the winter formal.
something i like to do when i go to the states is do things that are un-canadian, so with that in mind...

our first stop was in grand forks (population 51,216), where we had breakfast at denny's (just like in the commercials!). the food was good enough, but it was freezing. everyone was wearing their jackets. not impressed grand forks...
after breakfast, we left for target, which is basically like wal-mart, except less evil. i bought new socks.

after that, we left for fargo (population 95, 551), which is actually also somehow apart of minnesota. anyway, they had better shopping and indoor heating, which was a major plus. picked up a pokemon tshirt, some new plugs, and more socks.
after checking out another, smaller (lamer) mall, we left.
lesson learned: bring someone who knows the city and can show you around. it will save you on gas.

back in grand forks we had supper at place called 'space aliens', which is basically a chuckie cheeze that serves alcohol.

back at the border, i told customs i spent $40. which, okay, is a bit of stretch of the truth, but i'm not really down with paying more. i'm sorry workers of canada.
we arrived back at prov around 10pm.

so, all-in-all, day trips are fun, but staying the night is probably the thing to do. except not so much in fargo.

anyway, pce.

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