Saturday, January 9, 2010

3rd year of prov...

my third year of college starts tomorrow
yep, my third. i'm not halfway through my second or third year, but starting my third.
because i started halfway through the school year in 07/08, my true year starts in second semester.

sooo, looking over the past two years of school; living in a dorm with nearly a hundred other guys, putting off homework until the 11th hour, being stranded in Nowhere, MB for weeks on end... all part of my Providence College experience. such a unique circumstance, the closest thing i can compare it to is working at a summer camp. living in such close quarters with people for a long duration of time... which can lead to some crazy situations, both good and bad. like working at summer camps, you can walk away with life long friends, and believe i definitely have.
there have been points throughout the past two years where i have thought about quiting. living in the city has always been the more attractive alternative. the UOM and the UOW would have suited me quite nicely, but leaving without have nothing to show for it has always brought me back to prov. plus, finishing what you start is also really important in life.

this upcoming semester, i want to focus on school a lot more; getting the most of my education while i can. although graduating from prov [next year ;)] is not even close to the end of Academia Road for me, it will definitely be a huge personal accomplishment. finishing strong and feeling good about how i got there is for sure something that has been on my mind over this past winter break. so much to do, so little time left.
i know this sounds 'new years resolution-y', but i don't intend it too. think of it more as part of the maturing process...

well, i'm excited to start round three of providence college, and to see where that leads.


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