Sunday, August 15, 2010

venturing out of the commune

i went to the city yesterday, the first time in who knows how long. it's always an interesting experience to get back to the "real world" and find out what's been going on out there. living apart from the major sources of information can be nice; taking a break from all the news... from subway bombs to celebrity deaths. really, it's just good to be away from all that and live in your own little bubble for a while.

anyway, so this trip back to the city. after living with pretty decent people for the past... four-ish months or so, one would get used to being around fairly well-behaved people. so, it definitely was somewhat of a shock to the system when asking for directions, one man who reeked of cigarette gruffly answered he couldn't help and another family replied they didn't know while their daughter asked them to order an alcoholic beverage.

oh yes, at that moment i knew what it was like to stand in a Hutterite's shoes.

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