Saturday, July 31, 2010


third month of camp comes to an end.
after eight weeks of spring staff and four weeks of regular camp, only three weeks remain for my summer job. definitely has been (and still is) a growing experience; i had no idea being in leadership was going to be this demanding of a job. of course, i would redo this whole experience in a heartbeat.
still, i'm sad that one of my favourite months is coming to an end. although this has not been a typical july for me, it was still great on account of the amazing weather and the great company.

i think i'm going to enjoy the second half of the year. with my new position on nutimik leadership coming to a close, i'm heading into my last year of providence college and i have a girlfriend that i'm excited to spend time with in the fall.

anyway, a more in depth blog about my summer to follow (i meant to keep up with it more, but with the busyness of life, i just wasn't motivated during my downtime!)

anyway, hope you enjoy your long weekend

- me

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