Sunday, June 20, 2010

electronic memories

i'm a bit of a pack rat. i like to keep photos people give me, birthday cards, notes, things like that... so it would be safe to assume that i don't delete a single personalized email. every now and then, i enjoy reading over them to see what people had to say to me.
so yes, i am one for sentiment...

anyway, i just found an email sent to myself [eerie, i know] with a lot of old things i wrote. so, i wanted to share this monologue i wrote for grade 11 drama class....

The Hereafter

Hi, My name is Sean.

I bet you’re wondering how I got here…

Heh, I might as well tell you my story,

We’re not going anywhere anytime soon…

Well, I should properly introduce myself,

Like I already said, my name is Sean,

I’m 16, I’m in grade 11, I go to Sunny Valley High School,

I get good grades, I’m on the school volleyball team.

Ha, volleyball.

In my school, if you’re on the team, that means instant popularity.

I have the girl, I have the friends… the right friends.

I go to the parties. The parties…

So I should be happy, shouldn’t I?

Well, if you haven’t picked up yet,

I’m not.

Which is why I’m here, really.

Are you cold? I’m cold.

I’ve been cold for a while now.

Anyway, you want to know why I’m here.

It happened a few nights ago,

We were all at Bobby’s place,

Well his parents have a cottage, and we were using it,

He had this huge party, everyone came.

People were drinking, it was getting pretty crazy.

It was getting out of control, but that’s not what this story is about,

Every party is like that.

I was talking on the deck was Kim,

She was talking about her week,

We weren’t really paying attention to what was going on inside.

But suddenly, it got really quiet inside,

Then there were these loud shots, and Kim and I both flinched

She ran inside, there was another loud bang and she screamed.

I ran inside and I saw her lying on the floor.

Then I saw him,

It was this guy Gary from school.

He was one of those kids who no one talked to,

People didn’t make fun of him, they just flat out ignored him.

Which is probably worse…

There were tears in his eyes, he looked at me.

I couldn’t hold his gaze, I looked away.

Kim was on the floor, she was trembling.

I looked at Gary again,

He was holding something in his right hand.

He raised it and pointed it at me,

I think he said something, I’m not too sure.

In the few seconds I had left,

I realized what was coming.

He pulled the trigger.

Death is a strange event,

Everyone knows they are going to die someday,

They just don’t know how, or when.

But we know its coming…

They say that going to a funeral can really help you put your life in perspective,

But when you’re the one what actually died? That’s the kicker!

You can look back on your life, and pin point exactly where you went wrong,

All that crap I wasted my time on,

Computers, tv, videogames,

That’s the stuff that can really suck your life away,

Not just death.

So many things I want to change, so many things I wish I cold just erase just erase.

Like that Gary kid,

You know, if someone reached out to him,

If I reached out to him, I could still be alive,

Kim wouldn’t be in a coma right now,

But… now I’m here… waiting.



  1. woah thats deep Kel!
    I like it a lot!
    Grade 11 hey? so long ago!

  2. woah thats deep Kel!
    I like it a lot!
    Grade 11 hey? so long ago!