Thursday, March 18, 2010

awkward friend time!

okay, we've all been there, being that one new person in the group of good friends. not really knowing how much to contribute to the conversation: say to much, you come off as overbearing and trying too hard or say to little and be potentially be perceived as shy and weird.
the peak of these situations would be being stuck in a car with no radio on, leaving you only to chuckle at the jokes of the present company.

due to moving around a lot, starting at new schools, and working at an assortment of places, i have been at the short end of the stick in this situation many a time, so i definitely have a sensitivity when i know someone is feeling a bit weird. BUT when on the other (and preferred) end of the stick, i often find it to be no easier. you acknowledge, you inquire, you set a comfortable atmosphere... and people be awkward anyway.
sometimes this just seems like a lose-lose situation.

i think, what it really comes down to, is a personality issue. some people just have problems with adjusting to new situations and adapting to a different environment. we just need to little patience and kindness, followed with the right amount of persistence.

but really, nothing beats a good time hanging out with friends you love.


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