Monday, March 15, 2010

hot, sweaty wreck

back when i lived in downtown winnipeg, i used to go the Y almost everyday.
now, i think that regularly frequenting a gym is just a wise life choice, no matter what type of physique you have. of course, you'd have your Cristiano Ronaldo and Venus William type people who are there, but then you'd have your John Candy and Rosanne Barr type people who are up in the gym, doing there things. what i love about all this was, you'd have every type of person giving it there all, trying to attain the same goal. it was actually very inspiring for me to see Ronaldo and Barr givin 'er on the treadmill, not caring what the other was thinking.
so, for me, you can definitely expect me to the hottest, sweatiest guy getting off the treadmill.

i don't go to the gym to look good, i go to the gym with aspirations for a better body and better health. so should you!

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