Tuesday, May 10, 2011

in transit.

I have finished my post-college break and am reading to start blogging again. The two weeks after my graduation weekend were full of reading books, watching television, and playing board games. Still, with all this I felt that the need to do something exciting before I started back at camp, so I flew out to Vancouver to hang out with friends on the West coast. I left Winnipeg on a cold, snowy morning in April (!?) and arrived in sunny and warm Vancouver... definitely an awesome trade.
This trip was full of MORE board games (Settlers, Risk, Wizard, Phase 10)(which are actually card games...), dining at BC exclusive restaurants (White Spot, Red Robins, random BC Sushi shops). It was a good refresher before this upcoming Four Month Storm (more to come on this later).
I also went on a day trip to the Yukon. Was a good time, will also blog about that at a later date...

I still want to talk about my grad weekend, but will also save that for another post.

I am currently in the Whiteshell, where I'll be living in the boonies and continuing the purge of everything that goes along with city life. And working, of course.

More to come!


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